Our Products

Dog Kennels

For all sizes of dog, they will make 'in the doghouse' somewhere you'll actually want to be.

Small $98 order
Medium $132 order
Large $154 order
X-Large $193 order
X-X-Large $410 order


Cubby Houses

Endless hours of fun for all ages.

No verandah $1150 order
With verandah $1350 order

Rabbit Hutch

Guinea Pig Hutch

Budget Hutch


For the little guys.

Rabbit $183 order
Guinea Pig $175 order
Budget $140 order


In 1 to 5 step configurations, as well as made to order.

1 step $115 order
2 step $185 order
3 step $215 order
4 step $245 order
5 step $285 order

Service Station Sets

Just like the real thing, only smaller. Petrol not included.

BP Service Station $220 order
Shell Service Station $220 order

Outdoor Settings

A little bit of inside on the outside.

Adult - Treated Pine $310 order
Children's $140 order

Children's Furniture

All ready for the next tea party.

Children's Table & Chairs $120 order

Nesting Boxes

For the original twitterers.

Finch $9 order
Budgie $10 order
Parrot $20 order


Bird Aviaries

For the birds.

Large $649 order
Small Hexagonal $220 order


Old fashioned style, to use as a decoration or a workstation.

Wheelbarrow $240 order


Always make an impression.

Windmill $420 order


Wishing Wells

Wishes not included, unless of course your wish is for a wishing well.

Small $180 order
Large $250 order